2014 National Electrical Estimator is Available in Version 2.1

We’ve received quite a few requests for making Craftsman’s National Electrical Estimator available within the Construction Cost Estimator app, and we’re happy to announce that it’s available in version 2.1 for $49.99 via an in-app purchase.

National Electrical Estimator CostookThe National Electrical Estimator costbook includes costs for installation of all common electrical work: conduit, wire, boxes, fixtures, switches, outlets, loadcenters, panelboards, raceway, duct, signal systems, and more. The costbook provides material costs, manhours per unit, and total installed cost. It also explains what you should know to estimate each part of an electrical system.

After you purchase this costbook, you can add cost items directly to your estimates, or you can copy items into your own costbook and customize them.

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